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There’s nothing like waking up late in the mornings for work and having no idea on how to quickly apply makeup to enhance your look, alongside those bags under your eyes which can make you appear looking less flawless and more flustered.


Here are some make-up tips for the office which will ensure you look refreshed and ready for work even if you’ve had just a few hours of sleep.



Natural looks can be one of the most obvious looks for the office,but it also is the most professional. There is a time and place for the exaggerated eye liner, smoky eye shadows and popping lip colors; the work environment is definitely not that place.


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The right look for the office will ensure that you look more professional,focused and create the right impression since people will take you more seriously. Also, since nude looks are natural they are easy to pull off and save time.



You need to know and prioritize your skin type as well as getting a skincare routine.A moisturizer can be a good start for gentle skin, basic knowledge of your skin type will inform you on how to apply concealer and foundation to a minimum to even out your skin tone.

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If you have  clear skin, just stick to a touch of concealer but if you want more coverage; choose a light reflecting foundation and apply evenly with a brush.This will give you a lighter and fresher look for the office.



You want to make your eyes pop for the office but the lighter version of pop. You can achieve this by applying a lighter and more natural eye shadow color over your eyelids; beige, brown, light grey or blush pink.You can even smoke it out but not too much, this adds some edginess to your look. Evenly apply the eyeliner along the edges to the corners of your eye to make them pop perfectly. Black or brown eyeliners are work appropriate.

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Eyebrows should be neatly trimmed with perfectly cut edges to create a neat and beautiful look.                                                        Lashes add style to your eyes; long lashes will open up your eyes and more especially if you are tired, apply layers of mascara from the root and stretch or wiggle it out at the tip of the lashes.



The color of your lips depend on whether you wish to highlight the lips or  eyes. If it’s your eyes, then a natural color for the lips is appropriate; this could be a clear gloss,nude or a pink lip color. If you wish to highlight your lips however,red lipstick can be worn in the office.Deeper tones of red or berry are suitable for the workplace and save the other popping reds for nights out.

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You cannot forget the magic of the blush, blush works on all skin types; you just need to know which works best for you depending on your skin tone because blush shades are not made equally. Complement your look by applying some blush and giving your cheeks a rosy glow. You can also add some highlighter to emphasize your cheekbones.


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These tips will leave you looking flawless for the office within no time