After all, most young people are smart and stylish with strong, intelligent opinions and curiosity for the world around them.

It saddens me when I meet a young person who is clearly facing issues of self-doubt. We tend to set unreasonable standards in every area of our lives, and believe that it is only those with the best results that can be confident. According to a report released not so long ago by Forbes Magazine, it was found that women only apply for jobs when they believe they are 100% qualified, as compared to men with 60%. This is clear that women tend to be too hard on themselves and hence, are not confident most of the time.

It’s quite a shame, because now gender equality is being brought to the forefront of our leaders’ minds, and women need an army of confident and self-assured representatives in the kind of roles that will change all our lives for the better. I don’t believe there is a ‘must follow’ guide to confidence. I believe we should all find our own path to leading truly confident lives.

For me, I’m clear in my head what my goals are, and that gives me the confidence to do what I do, everyday. Having a voice and being heard is a powerful form of confidence, and it is not about shouting, but identifying how you can push yourself to achieve what you want.

In this issue, we try to give you information that will hopefully inspire certain parts of your life to defect from the negative thoughts that hold you back. We don’t have all the answers, but I believe if you have found your confidence, it is important you support others, especially women around you, to find theirs.

Lydia Forson is a woman who embodies confidence! She has a strong opinion, and is not shy to voice it out. Her success should be applauded and I respect the way she carries herself. She is the perfect face for an issue devoted to self-belief. Lexis Bill and Anita Erskine are also two of my favourite radio and TV personalities. They make what they do look effortless and with their authentic style of presenting.

Meeting Maide Arkutu, MD of Unilever Ghana, was so refreshing. I left her home feeling as if I could take on the world! Her confidence in climbing a male dominated corporate ladder is a must read.

Career expert Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan, also shares some amazing tips on How to build confidence in the work place on page 78